Our Values

Our values are rooted in our assurance that God loves us; demonstrated by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Our whole lives, who we are, what we believe and how we behave - our whole value system - is based on that truth,


No matter who we are, what we are like, where we come from or how old we are, God loves us all equally. He loves and values each person and so we too place a high value on each individual. Our church life is relational, accessible to all generations and builds family and community life.


Worship is about how we live our lives day by day; choosing a lifestyle that brings glory to God and encourages others to seek a relationship with Him. When we meet together we express this through song, prayer and using verses from the Bible. We intend to worship God in a way that is inspiring, passionate and personal.


We believe prayer (talking and listening to God) changes things. We recognise that it is through prayer that our lives are impacted by God, communities are transformed by the love of Jesus Christ, and global issues are positively and dramatically affected.


We believe that there is a right and a wrong way to live. We believe that our loving God who created us knows what is best for us and that the Bible is our manual for living - its God's instruction book. If we follow the instructions He has given us we can enjoy peace, fulfillment and purposefulness. Our theology is based on the person, teaching and work of Jesus Christ as revealed through the Bible. Our teaching is therefore Bible based and is thoughtful, relevant and equips people for every day life and ministry.


It is the responsibility of every Christian to grow in their relationship and understanding of God. Discipleship is another word for growth, and is based on the example of Jesus by being loving, prayerful, holy, honest, accountable, humble and generous. It involves meeting together as Christians for encouragement and teaching.


We believe that God has challenged us to be extravagantly generous with our time, money, resources and talents, not for what we can get in return but because that's what Jesus would do.

Everyone in Ministry

Each person has a role to play within the local church as they are equipped and enabled by God. The supernatural is expected when we meet together as church and in our daily lives; as each individual uses the gifts that the Holy Spirit has given.


We value unity and so we aim not to engage in or listen to any negative talk, gossip, complaining, criticism and disloyalty. We will directly address issues which threaten the unity of our church.

Jesus Makes a Difference

It is Jesus who transforms our lives. It is Jesus who died on a cross to take the punishment we deserve for the wrong things we have done. It is Jesus who conquered death and hell. It is Jesus who has made it possible for all who believe in Him to have eternal life and to have a relationship with God the Father. Therefore, we want people to have the opportunity to investigate and make decisions about Christianity based on a full understanding of the depth of God's love and what it means.